You want to find out how to take care of your own jewellery? We can help you with the advice coming from professionals working at jewellery studio – your jewellery will look like just bought in a jeweller’s store!

How to take care of jewellery at home?

  • Your jewellery is affected by many factors: even though gold is durable metal, it is soft and just like silver over time it gets scratched and lose it’s luster;
  • You should protect your jewellery from exposure to chlorine and other chemical products: when visiting spa or swimming pool, beter leave your jewellery at home, if you are cleaning at home, take off your rings or cover them with gloves;
  • Make-up products, perfume and hairspray also damages gold and silver, to make the least impact put on jewellery last when preparing for an evening out;
  • Keep all your jewellery in a jewellery box, if you don’t have it, you should use some soft cloth to store anything from earrings to necklaces;
  • Jewellery after being worn should be soaked in warm soaked water and cleaned with a soft brush. To dry use a soft cloth (paper cloths can scratch your jewellery!);
  • You can use jewellery polishing or glass cloth to clean it from fingertips and other marks;
  • At least once in a year review your jewellery and bring it to your local jeweller: here in HERMIS we offer partial or full renewal to make your jewellery shine like new.[:]

If you have any jewelley with precious and semi-precious stones, the best and most reliable way to take care of it at home: warm water and soap. If you want to find out more how to clean and maintain such products we are ready to help you out: which gemstones should be handled more carefully, what kind of jewellery technique is suitable.