30 years of expertis

"Hermis" family

UAB HERMIS is a family-run jewellery business established by Algis Novikovas and Justina Novikoviene in 1991 in Telsiai.

How did it all start?

After Lithuania had declared its independence, Algis started his training in goldsmithing under an experienced master Ceslovas. Meanwhile, Justina, a professional advertising designer, decided to pursue her new passion – engraving and stone-setting. This marked a beginning of a new independent jewellery brand, known today as HERMIS.


Algis and Justina saw a demand of high quality wedding rings and decided to dedicate their time and resources to wedding rings’ production.

Over the years ‘HERMIS’ jewellery expanded. This lead to new showrooms in Telšiai and Plungė, bigger workshops, an increased number of employees and a wider range of services.
HERMIS’ team has never stopped improving. In 2009, Algis and Justina studied the craft of stone-setting in Antwerp, Belgium. New stone-setting skills widened diamond jewellery stock. From then on, customers have been able to choose from a wider range of designs. Following trends in the production of wedding rings, the owners decided to invest into modern tools and machinery. This helped them to enter international market.

Future perspectives

Now ‘HERMIS jewellery can be purchased in Lithuania and the other Baltic countries, and the brand is still expanding. This Autumn Algis and Justina are planning to open a new showroom/workshop in the Old Town of Vilnius.
HERMIS jewellery is an annual exhibitor in international fairs (Precious in Stockholm, Ambertrip in Vilnius). Also, our team of goldsmiths visits other fairs and shows in Basel, Munich and Vicenza every year. This keeps them updated with trending technologies and leading tendencies in design.

Meet the team

Our team consists of well-experienced goldsmiths and young internationally educated jewellers.


‘Hermis’ founder – Jeweller – Designer


‘Hermis’ founder – Jeweller – Designer


Jeweller – Designer